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We're built on Tezos blockchain

“Blockchain is primarily a distributed decentralized database that maintains a complete list of constantly germinating and growing data records secured from unauthorized manipulating, tampering and revision”


All votes are verified as soon as voting is finished to ensure they are counted correctly. The blockchain technology ensures substantial security because its decentralized ledger system removes any fallible central body.


Votes are tallied and stored on an immutable public ledger.This means that they can be tracked and counted while being visible to everyone ensuring a transparent and trustworthy voting system.


Organising elections online cut down costs associated with ballot boxes, logistics, printing ballots and securing physical locations.


Results are gathered and processed in an efficient manner, quickly and straight after the voting has finished. Instead of having to wait for a large number of people to communicate manually, all organisers will be able to see the outcome instantly on the blockchain.




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